The New Album available June 3rd 2024 Band camp and all platforms 


a Pan-American Jazz Suite

The New Album from the Saúl Sierra Quintet (Marco Diaz, Carlos Caro, Julio Perez, Charlie Gurke) features an 8 part Suite based on a single melody and arranged  in 8 different  styles from the Americas. plus two bonus tracks.

Uruguayan Candombe, Brazilian Samba, Venezuelan Merengue, Peruvian Landó and Festejo, Puerto Rican Plena, Cuban Chagüi, New Orleans Jazz and Mexican Son Jarocho.

Special guests, John Santos, Braulio Barrera, Edgardo Cambon, Jackie Rago, Claudio Vega, Arwen Lawrence, Jorge Liceaga, Brian Rice, Manuel Constancio, Anthony Blea, David Flores and Kyla Danish.

Release date 6/3/24



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